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Celebrity Dog Names

by Curtis on April 14, 2011

Have you noticed how the celebrities seem to name their pets with more sensible names than their children?  If you want one of these celebrity pet names for your puppy be our guest.  You might to look in the movie magazines and see if your pets namesake buys those fancy dog clothes for their pet and you can do the same. If you are going celebrity you might as well go all the way.   These puppy names are not only cool, but they’re hip. If you want your dog to be a trend setter, try one of these names.

This celebrity dog name list will change often so check back to see the latest and greatest puppy name ideas.

Jessica Alba – Sid
Jessica Alba – Nancy
Jennifer Aniston – Norman
Orlando Bloom – Sidi
Mariah Carey – Jack
George Clooney – Max
Leonardo DiCaprio – Rufus
Paris Hilton – Tinker bell
Paris Hilton – Bambi
Christina Aguilera-Chewy
Christina Aguilera-Cocoa
Clay Aiken -Raleigh
Halle Berry – Bumper
Halle Berry – Petey
Jennifer Garner – Martha Stewart
Jake Gyllenhaal – Atticus
Jake Gyllenhaal – Boo Radley
Eva Longoria – Jinxy
Madonna – Chiquita
Sarah Jessica Parker –
Brad Pitt – Purty
Brad Pitt – Saudi
Sandra Bullock – Poppy
Kevin Costner – Rosalita
Courtney Cox-Hopper
Courtney Cox-Hardy
Tom Cruise-Joseph
Ashley Judd-Buttermilk
Britney Spears – Bit Bit
Rob Thomas – Tyler
Justin Timberlake – Bearlie
Justin Timberlake – Bella
Jessica Simpson – Daisy
Oprah Winfrey – Sophie
Oprah Winfrey – Solomon
Lindsey Lohan-Chloe
Courtney Love-Lloyd
Demi Moore-Louie
Mary Kate Olsen-Luca
Martha Stewart-Teeney
Martha Stewart-Weenie

Many more celebrity dog names on the way!!

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